Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sports Quilt

This is a quilt that my sister's friend commissioned for a boy in her family. She wanted a sports quilt with absolutely NO soccer. My only instructions were that the quilt should be in tones of blue, brown and green and include baseball, football and basketball themes.

I thought that it would be interesting to turn the blocks on point. It was my first quilt done on point and though it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, I am pleased with the outcome.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Name, New Location

I've decided to change the name of my business. There are a lot of Sew Cute's out there, some of them with variations but they all boil down to being "Sew Cute". I had several customers who had trouble finding me on the internet because there were so many to choose from.

My new name is "Little Jack's Corner" and you can find it here. As far as I can tell, there is a school in Washington with the same name, a newspaper column and various blogs but none of the blogs seem to be geared toward the same things that I am.

If you have one of my business cards, the phone numbers are the same but the web and email addresses have changed. My new email address is littlejackscorner (at) live (dot) com and my new blog page address is

Sunday, August 9, 2009

American Falls Day

Yesterday was American Falls Day. It's a day celebrating our community. There is a parade in the morning, which is actually pretty big considering how small our town is, followed by a bunch of activities in the city park. There is a car show, food, craft and game booths, and it's basically a great time to spend the day with family and friends.

I decided back around Christmas to have a booth in the park to showcase my wares. I thought that if I gave myself January through August to work on things that I would be able to get a lot done.

I tried, I really did. I sold a lot of things throughout the year, which wiped out my inventory, and I also had a household to run and four kids to raise.

During July, I was back and forth on whether or not I wanted to even have a booth. I wasn't sure if I wanted the extra stress and responsibility. On one hand, I had the opportunity to make a good deal of money for my family. On the other hand, it would be so much work and there was no guarantee that I would even sell anything.

I actually made the decision to not have a booth, then my mom told me that my sister had been working really hard at making her beaded watches to sell at the booth that we were going to share.

Okay, then. I guess I'll do a booth. : )

I spent all of last week working every day, night and into the wee hours. I didn't get as much done as I wanted to, for instance I had no quilts at all, but I got a fair amount finished.

Here are some pictures of our booth.

My mom made the afghan on the right. I wish she could have sold it, but it did have lots of admirers. Those are the four Knotted Purses that I have finished, but I'm working on about five or six more.

Here are some of the receiving blanket and burp cloth bundles that I had. I made ten of them in just a few days. My favorites were the John Deere ones, but I have a little guy who loves tractors so I may be a little biased. : )

This was my little Indian camp. : ) The Tee Pees got a lot of smiles out of everyone who stopped to read the sign.

Left to right in this picture are burp cloths, some toddler suspenders I made as a display to see if there was any interest and my diaper/wipe/changing pad thingies. Again, I wish that I would have had more finished. I would have sold at least three more of the changing pads if I'd had some in boy colors.

Five of my Buttercup bags. I bought the pattern for them on and I love them! I've made several as gifts and one for myself, plus I have about ten more in various stages of completion.

My only regret is that I didn't get more of them done or that I had done one from each of the different color families. As it ended up, I had a lot of red and a little bit of a pink/yellow/green combination.

These are the beaded watch bands that my sister makes. She is very talented and creative. While I tend to lean toward sewing, she is wonderful at scrapbooking, painting, beading, designing and coordinating - you name it! She is going to make some bracelets for me. I'm really excited! I love bracelets, but my wrists are just a tiny bit too big for most store-bought bracelets.

If you are interested in any of my sister's products, just let me know and I can connect you with her.

I didn't do as well as I would have liked to do. I sold two bundles, one changing pad thingy and about twenty Tee Pees. If you see something in the above pictures that you like, chances are that I still have it. If you live in the area you can get it directly from Lucky's Grill. If you don't live nearby, contact me and I can get you the item(s) you want.

While I didn't sell as much as I would have liked to sell, I did hand out a lot of business cards and take a couple of custom orders.

Go team Jules!

Monday, August 3, 2009

American Falls Day 2009

I have decided to have a booth at American Falls Day this year. I have a lot of new stuff; new items and new versions of items that I have previously shown on this blog.

My sister Cori will share my booth with me, selling her beaded watches.

So stop by and visit, ogle my and my sister's newest creations, buy some stuff, become my new best friend, etc., etc. (Just kidding about the best friend thing, Em. I only have eyes for you.) Oh, and you can get some scrumptious ice cream from the Lucky's booth, too, which happens to be owned and operated by my sister Holly and her husband.

Now we just need to include my other siblings and it will be a family operation. Maybe Rachel could do blood pressure checks, Rod could discuss child safety, and Lonnie could recommend the best fertilizer for your wheat, potato or beet crop.

Hope to see you all there!

American Falls Day
American Falls City Park
Saturday, August 8
Parade begins at 10:00
Booths are open from 10:30 - 4:00 pm

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Diaper and Wipe Bundles

A few weeks ago I found myself making two separate trips to the ladies room during church to change two separate diapers. Each time, I lugged the whole diaper bag so that I had easy access to the diapers, wipes and blanket. (I don't know about you, but I don't like to lay my babies down on the bare plastic changing tables!) I thought that it would be really convenient to have something to carry two or three diapers, a travel case of wipes and a changing pad. I came home, dug through my scraps and came up with this:

It's about the size of a clutch purse; the pocket holds two or three diapers and a travel case of wipes and then folds out to be used as a changing pad.

It is made of two quilted layers of fabric with a thin fleece batting in between so your little ones have a soft clean surface to lay on. The bundle closes with Velcro.

I have several of these made up and most of them are made from "mommy" fabrics rather than "baby" fabrics. I figured that it's usually all about the baby, let's have something be about the mommy! These are also great when dropping off a toddler to the babysitter when they don't need bottles, formula, etc. You just send them with their little bundle.

These are selling for $12. Get one for your favorite toddler mom!

Tee Pees

These little cuties are for little boys' diaper changes. If you've ever changed the diaper of an infant boy, you know that you have to be quick if you're going to keep everything dry! That's where these little tee pees come in.

You just place the tee pee over the baby's winky while you change his diaper. If you're not fast enough, the tee pee keeps everything (including you!) dry. Then you just throw it in with your next load of laundry and it's ready to go again.

These come with a little card explaining their purpose. Just think how cute a few of these would be tied with ribbon on the top of a baby shower gift!

Tee pee price - $1.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Bundles come with one receiving blanket and two matching burp cloths and they are priced at $20. They are tied with a coordinating ribbon and are perfect for a shower gift - no wrapping required!

Detail of front and back fabrics and edge stitching of Train bundle.

Cupcake bundle detail.

Both Cupcake and Train bundles are made with a double thickness of 100% cotton flannel.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Fairy Tales Receiving Blanket

This is a receiving blanket that is available for sale for $15. It is made with a double thickness of lightweight cotton, edge-stitched in green with a cute vine pattern. The dimensions of this blanket are 31.5" x 37".

The characters include Little Red Riding Hood, Little Miss Muffet, the Gingerbread Man, etc.

I'm currently working on a baby quilt made with the same fabric. Buy the set and give it as a gift!


I made this twin size quilt for my oldest son a few years ago. It is foundation pieced on a big piece of muslin and then machine quilted in the ditch.

The dimensions of this quilt are 69" x 83".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Purse

I just made this purse today for a friend and I have another one just like it available.

Here is a close up of the personalization I added. If you want a name on yours, then the total cost would be $20 instead of the regular $18.

This is a shot of the inside of the bag so you can get an idea of how big the pocket is.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bees and Dots

This quilt was made for the daughter of a good friend and yes, I was pregnant when I made it. The purple fabric has brightly colored polka dots and the blue fabric has cute bees and flowers. The back of this quilt is a marbled medium purple and the dimensions are 39"x50".

I currently have two similar quilts in the works; one has a bright yellow instead of pink and the other uses the green fabric instead of pink. Both use the same green, blue and purple nine patch and have the marbled purple flannel on the back. I will post pictures of these quilts as they become available.

Blue and Yellow

I made this quilt while I was pregnant with my son Jack (surprise, surprise). I got the idea from seeing the two fabrics next to each other on the shelf at the store. I thought they looked great and deserved to be showed off!

The back of this quilt is a marbled yellow flannel, the same shade as the yellow on the front.

The dimensions of this quilt are approximately 46"x62" and it is available for purchase for $55. It is currently available for your viewing pleasure at Lucky's Grill. Did I mention that the burgers there are great?


I made this quilt for my son Adam while I was pregnant with him. (Hmmm. I'm beginning to see a pattern.) I also made nearly identical quilts for two of my girlfriends' babies.

The dimensions of this quilt are 32"x48", which make it a little small for a baby quilt but length and width could be easily added. I used a primary-color-polka-dot flannel for the back of this one.

Jack's Trucks

I got the idea for this quilt while I was pregnant with my son Jack. My youngest son (at that time) was fascinated by all things with wheels. I wanted to try out paper piecing and just happened to have a paper piecing book with these patterns in it. I should have made the quilt for the son who loves trucks, but he already had lots of quilts and a pregnant mommy needs to make something for the baby in her tummy, right?

I originally planned to use big buttons as the wheels for these trucks, (very securely fastened buttons) but in the end decided to paint them on. I think that the painted wheels turned out nicely.

The "Jack's Trucks" inscription was hand embroidered, but now I have a fancy machine that will do that for me.

This quilt measures 39"x47". I would be willing to make another, but because of the time needed to piece each individual block, I would need to charge $150-$200 to make it worth my time.

Super Cute Purses!!!

I first made one of these purses for my niece and I was soon getting requests to make more. They are machine washable/dryable and most of them come with a pocket on the inside. The following four purses are currently available at Lucky's Grill in American Falls, which is very convenient if you need to buy a purse and you've got a craving for a great burger. Mmmm....

Each purse is $18.

As is the same with all of my projects, more purses are currently under construction. : )