Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cupcake Car Seat Tent

I recently completed this car seat tent for a friend, along with six burp cloths. Originally, she asked for brown and pink polka dots, but I saw this cupcake pattern and fell in love. Fortunately, she agreed!

I no longer have an infant carrier to use for display with the car seat tents. You just have to use your imagination to see them draped elegantly around a sweet little bundle. Both the front and back of this particular cover are regular cotton. The back is the diagonal stripe that I used for the straps and you can see it in the detail photo below.

Don't those cupcakes make your mouth water?

I edge-stitched both the tent and the burp cloths with a very simple wave design in pink. My only regret was that I didn't get pictures of the burp cloth bundle before I sent it off. My friend showed up to pick it up literally as I was tying the ribbon around the cloths. The front was a rich chocolate brown with tiny polka-specs (not big enough to be called dots) in pink, cream and green. The back was a pinky-coral crackled design. Both, of course, were in flannel and they went with the cupcake fabric very well.

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